Fuzzy Logic; snopes.com

Fuzzy Logic by Healey & Glanvill.   “Urban Myths.”    The Guardian.   1 June 1996   (p. T59).    Jensen, Derek.   “Excuses: Police Hear Them All.”    Deseret News.   25 October 2000   (p. B1).    Associated Press.   “Police Bag Man Armed with Dustbuster.”    23 December 1997.

This is a very short funny story about a grandmother and her encounter with the police officer. In the story an innocent grandmother is stopped by a police officer. The police officer was surprised to hear this women curse her grandchild. The officer asked her what was on her dashboard and she said it was a Dustbuster. She said it is supposed to help her not get tickets. The officer told her that that is a  radar detector known as a fuzz buster, not a Dustbuster. He let the grandmother off with a warning.

The officer though because she was an old lady, she was just being senile. Yet, he didn’t know that he was being tricked. She old lady got off with no ticket, just a officer’s simplicity. The innocent old lady was not so innocent at all. I guess its the people you least expect to be tricksters to get away with things. With all the talk about machines and what happens to the parts when the machine breaks, it is good to read something funny and more heart warming. It’s just a cute little story about a old women being a tricksterhttp://www.snopes.com/autos/law/dustbuster.asp.



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