SCOTTISH CLANS MEET ON TRACK AND FIELD: Controller Metz Starts the Games at Celtic Park. NOVICE RUNNER IS HURT Falls in Quarter-Mile Race and Is Cut by Spiked Shoes – Irish-Americans Win.

Published by the NYT on July 29, 1906  Accessed November 15, 2016

This was an article, obviously, about a track and field event that was hosted on Long Island among many members of Scottish clans. The main part of this piece that pertains to my research is the account that one novice runner tripped and fell on one of the turns. Since the people behind him did not have enough time to get out of the way, one or two people’s spiked shoes lacerated his arm and he had to go to the hospital. This conveys two very important pieces of information. For one, it shows that spiked shoes were already quite popular at that time. Second, the reporter mentioned it as if it was something that was not uncommon, saying that it happened to mar the otherwise perfect day and then never expanding on the story. This means that the public was generally over the fear of getting spiked by these shoes and had just accepted it as something that might happen.


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