Shower Head Research

Average Life Span of Homes, Appliances, and Mechanicals

This source discusses average life span of home appliances and what I found is that shower heads can last upwards of 100 years. There is a sort of disclosure in the beginning that reminds the reader that the life span depends on maintenance done by the owner and to take into the account how often people change the appliance due to change in style or trend. This furthers my inquiry of how long do people actually have the same shower head? I know personally, my usage of the technology is use it until it breaks. I can use this in my work to contribute how much the appearance of the bathroom has become a symbol of class.

Popular Materials Used to Create Handheld Shower Heads You Should Know

This source discusses the best material used to make shower heads. They vary from nickel to chrome to bronze. There are different benefits to each metal used, with nickel being the most reliable and the best metal in terms of toughness and expected life span. This goes along with the life expectancy argument and what each metal says about class. I can use this to further look into the specific hand held shower head that I want to investigate in terms of how it would be viewed as a class separator. It makes me want to further investigate how this contributes to how often a shower head is changed and if the different metal used is in response to change in trends.

This is simply a sight advertising for the shower head they have that now has a grip in response to customer request for a rubber grip. The interesting thing about this site is that they include a short video that depicts a woman showering with the new grip technology. I wonder what compelled the people of this company to show their buyers how exactly to use it and even more interesting to me was that they use a woman. She is facing away from the camera in the nude, I wonder why they don’t just use a man so that he can be turned around and show the full mobility of the detachable shower head. I guess it goes back to the use of woman in advertising. I also wonder if the ad wasn’t actually aimed at woman to show the comfort when using the new tech even if it is just the rubber grip.


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