The Proud Car Enthusiasts and Their Cars

Amesthornwood, Lynne. “The Car Proud Show Off Their Classic Machines.” New York Times 4 July 1999: 379. Proquest. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.

In this article, a journalist goes to a 4th of July car show to try to understand why car enthusiasts have so much pride and care for their rides. Through her experiences, she learned that they viewed their cars not only as their utility as a mode of transportation, but as machines to be tinkered with, improved, and renovated. Almost all the owners interviewed had deep pride in their rides, and had themselves cared for or restored their car on their free time.

This article added on to my knowledge of muscle cars by showing the care that collectors have for not only their vintage vehicle but the care that collectors take with their cars throughout the years. Car shows are not only old cars but also have new ones that are starting to be cared for at their beginning. Regardless of age, the muscle cars were being taken care of as a precious item, not just a toy of the present.

After this article, I am wanting to look further into how the muscle cars of today are cared for compared to the muscle cars of yesterday. Due to the modern muscle cars having more complex technology and equipment, I am wondering if it is a whole different ballgame trying to fix up 80’s and later cars compared to their predecessors. In addition, I would like to look into how many of cars at car shows have been thoroughly restored vs in original condition, as it would tell a lot about the condition of muscle cars throughout the years.


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