VENZKE GETS GOLD SHOE: Penn Honors ‘Greatest Miler’ With Traditional Track Award.

VENZKE GETS GOLD SHOE.: Penn Honors ‘Greatest Miler’ With Traditional Track Award.

Published by the New York Times March 3, 1936   Accessed November 15, 2016

This article published by the NYT is very short and simple, stating that Penn State was honoring their “best miler ever” with the traditional track award of a golden track shoe. This is quite interesting that that was already considered “traditional” at the time, considering that the spiked track shoes as they described them were an invention that was less than half a century old in the practice of track and field. This truly shows how, at least in the running community, athletes revered the invention and considered it worthy of being made into a special award for those who excelled, which likely denotes the concept that spiked shoes were attributed to success in running. However, this does make me want to dig deeper towards the time when these kinds of shoes were first being introduced to see what the reactions of people were when they were unveiled.


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