11/16/16 Free Write

  1. Describing the Technology
    1. Stronger than 200 horses
    2. Fat as a whale
    3. Faster than a cheetah
    4. Louder than a gun
    5. Smooth like a ball
    6. Shines like a diamond
    7. Smokes like a chimney
    8. Stallion in a field of horses
  2. Overreliance
    1. In a post-apocalypse world, ruined by the burning of fuel for energy, little life remains. For those who do, however, fight for the remaining fuel left, using it to power their heavily modified muscle cars.Although fuel is scarce, the wasting of fuel in their big, powerful machine is a symbol of status, power, and luxury. Ruling over whatever remains, the muscle car acts as a source of absolute power against those who can barely survive.
  3. Suddenly Gone
    1. After the disappearance of muscle cars. there would be a lack of transportation for American workers, sending the economy into a depression. When the world markets crash too, riots will begin and society will start to breakdown. Eventually, the government is of the world would collapse due to internal stress, destroying civilization.
  4. Technology Never Existed
    1. Without the muscle car, there would be no desire for bigger engined cars, meaning that Prohibition would have been a success due to the inability to bootleg and outrun cops. As Prohibition would still exist, cars would never have needed to get much bigger, as there wouldn’t be engines big enough to support the cars. With smaller cars, the economy would have grown slower than in real life, allowing for the effects of the 1920’s economic boom and crash to be mitigated, allowing for the Great Depression to not exist and mob cultures to likewise be non-existence due to no bootlegging and a strong, slow growing economy. In addition, paved roads would be less common, as cars wouldn’t need paved roads to go as fast due to smaller engines.

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