Annotated Bib

Kotowski, Dan. “LexisNexis® Academic.” LexisNexis® Academic & Library Solutions. UCAN, 29 Nov. 2007. Web. 16 Nov. 2016. <;.

UCAN and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin worked together as go through the 2005 UCAN Teen Gun Survey, and what they found was terrible. Not only did close to 50% of teen know someone that has been shot, but the number has risen from the following year. Gun violence and their usage are an increasing problem that needs to be stopped. An interesting idea that some of the teens suggested was that there should be some sort of child safety lock for all firearms. And later in the article Senator Dick Durbin concurs by saying, ““If we keep kids safe from aspirin bottles, yo-yos and toasters, the least we can do is pass laws to protect them from the most dangerous product in the United States”. This makes complete sense to me, and I don’t know why this is the first time I am even hearing about an idea like this. It is simple, yet effective ideas like the ones proposed by the teens in this survey that make me hopeful throughout the craziness that has been occurring in our world. This article steers the readers into a positive light of gun control, and it is something that should be considered.

This article is a more positive article than those I have been researching. Though it does discuss the terrible events that has happened because of guns, and addresses just how much of our youth is being affected by it every day, it gives an alternative to just banishing guns. Peoples freedom to bear arms is very important to many, and this could be a safer alternative.

I am left wondering if this adjustment to guns is even possible, and if it is why hasn’t it been implemented. How useful would this be, if someone could see take the safety mechanism off the firearm and still use it destructively? Is there even a way to completely make guns ‘safe’ while they still roam in our streets, and lurk Americans homes.


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