In-Class Free Write

  1. Abnormal or unusual description: produced and researched as needed; conclusion to a traumatic experience; provide not only physical support but mental support; can help people regain a sense of normalcy and confidence; can create bonds between exclusive communities; a field created by helpless entrepreneurs; unavailable to those who need it most; as much of a mental crutch as a physical one.
  2. If society became too reliable: people would choose to have body parts replaced with a bionic prosthetic to make them more powerful; scene out of a science fiction movie; body parts could be replaced with weapons or tools; everyone is trying to be bigger, better, and bolder; kind of like a piercing or tattoo, everyone has a customized prosthetic; athletes with incredible strength and speed; soldiers who don’t need guns, cooks who don’t need utensils, dog walkers who don’t need leashes.
  3. Suddenly gone: veterans would return from war and lose hope and confidence; veterans would condemn joining the military because of their personal tragic fates; instead of wearing their injury as a badge of honor, veterans would be angry and cynical; we wouldn’t have anyone to guard our country and we would all die; after amputation, people would be entirely dependent on caregivers; slowly, amputees would grow depressed and die; children amputees aren’t able to play with other kids and are shunned and become depressed too.
  4. If prosthetics were never invented: other technologies would have to be improved in order to allow amputees to function; people would have to be less phased by the sight of an amputee; therapy would be needed to help amputees adapt to their new life; cars with one leg or one arm operation; keyboards that could accommodate only one hand; more comfortable/permanent forms of crutches; society would either pity these people or discriminate against them; there would be a whole line of caregivers who would tend to amputees.

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