In Class Write


They can be seen are an art piece; they have many components that go into them, making everyone unique. They bring comfort to the lucky few, while they also have a dark side. They are admiring, flashy and inhuman. Younger generations look up to them, wishing to be the man fortunate enough to be behind the action. Some could say they have it all. They are fought over, admired and bring a sort of comfort that others can’t seem to bring.

Imagine your technology is everywhere:

If guns got so big that almost everyone had one. I think the idea of trust would go out the window. The world would enter a Purge like theme, where its everyman for themselves. With access to guns everywhere more people would deem it okay to seek out their own intentions. Kids would start learning about them earlier and earlier in their life and the fun of playing cowboy and Indians, using your hands as guns, would seep out of your memory. Now instead of girl guns, there will be a child gun.

Imagine your technology is gone:

To some extent the world in a broad sense would be safer. However, if you used a microscope and looked down at single events the world would have some adjusting, police would have to worry about bombs and other big devices instead of guns. However, other countries have police without guns and some nearly have the same destruction that we do, so I think the world would be fine.  There would be no civilian deaths from accidental shootings. War would be much more intense though. Without guns, I think nuclear warfare would erupt. Causing a huge epidemic.

Technology wasnt invented in the first place:

People would become pro archers. There would be very high tech bow and arrows that people would use. And everyone would basically become like Katniss in The Hunger Games with her skill set. Companies would start selling pink and blue bow and arrows for boys and girls, with the girl one being significantly smaller with smaller null arrows. There would be a compactable one that people could whip out whenever they needed.


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