Lens for the Paper

In my paper, I am going to look at the concept of the muscle car through a primary cultural lens. As the muscle car is not an innovation that has completely changed the world due to its usefulness, I feel that seeing how it has changed the way that American culture views cars is the most appropriate path to follow. The parts of culture that I would love to delve into would be how it acts as a symbol of masculinity, how it is viewed on occasion as a symbol of rebellion , how it has changed the overall nature of the American automobile, and how the muscle car has changed American norms and culture.

Working Thesis Statement:

Through its roots in Prohibition, the American muscle car has been around for the better part of a century, becoming an integral part of American culture along the way. Through its inclusion in media and portrayal as a rebellious and masculine symbol, the muscle car not only represents the ideal American image of cars but also has become a symbol of American pride and reverence.


One thought on “Lens for the Paper

  1. This is a very good approach! Have you found any good texts on masculinity and subcultures to use as a point of reference? Also, what pop culture works have you decided to work with, at this stage? I’ll be very curious to learn more about your set of texts. (As an aside, I have “Grease Lightning” playing in my head just thinking about your project).


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