November 16th Guided Writing

Describe the technology in an accurate, but unique way:

You become hopelessly trapped. Escape is both impossible and undesirable.

Users may experience changes in air pressure.

This technology lifts people’s spirits!

People using this technology are at the end of their rope (cable).

While using this technology, people are reported to both lose and gain weight.

What if this technology were overly integrated into society?

Lumbering individuals crowd into the large elevator and are transported from the historic Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to the memorial itself. Knees locked, they shuffle forward off of the platform and over to the grand man’s massive feet. A child begs his mother to please please take him to the bathroom. Slowly, the pair makes its way to the bank of elevators that replaced the entire left half of the building and is lowered the three feet to restroom level.

What if the technology disappeared? Overnight. Completely.

Trapped. High in his penthouse, Herold stared out across the view he once cherished. Now the great expanse of rooftops served only to remind him of his prison. Once again he walked out into the hall and punched his fingers into the bit of wall that used to be the elevator call button. Once again it was futile. Harold stared at the wall and sighed. Staring. Staring. Stare. Stair. Stair! I can take the stairs!

As the young man opened the door to his apartment building’s unused stairwell, he was practically thrown back by the bustle that met his ears. Who know how vital transportation was to living in a high-rise apartment building. And who knew that so many people were intent on moving from one floor to another.

Finally, Herold made it to ground level and stepped out onto the busy streets of Seattle. As he walked along his familiar route, Herold noticed a large crowd of people at the base of the Space Needle. Whispers of “the public will never set foot at the top again” met his ears. This was it, thought Herold. The city of Seattle will never be the same again.


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