Source: Elevator Efficiency

Sachs, Harvey et al. “Elevator Efficiency: 90.1 and Beyond.” ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 121, 2015, pp. 1FF–8FF. EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete .

This journal article, published in a peer-reviewed journal, helped me understand the importance of elevator efficiency. The source detailed how updating elevator control systems, parts and even cab lighting can reduce costs. The article also discussed the actual technology in great detail. In addition, the authors assert that “the elevator is an extension of the lobby, a powerful symbol of building quality,” (Sachs). This leads me to one of my other research questions: How does the elevator fit into the theme of hierarchy? It looks like elevators do not define status, but they do give indications of it. I’m excited to read the entirety of this source more closely in order to gain a better understanding of current issues concerning elevators as well as the technology behind them.


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