Class talk November 18

Ultrasounds have a main focus on gender in today’s culture. Upon finding sources I found a book called “Biotechnology and Culture: Bodies, Anxieties, Ethics” by Paul E. Brodwin; this book will be used in order to help develop how culture has been effected by medical technology. The other sources will bring to light the amount of access one has towards ultrasounds. In today’s culture there is a lot of access that we have to this new technology. However the amount of access we have has led to valuing what the gender of the child will be. By evaluating the new sources found it will help show how culture, has come to truly divide genders.

After discussing this the following questions were brought up:

Should people be told the gender?

This question is hard to answer as there are many different viewpoints. Some people still decide that even with ultrasounds they do not wish to know the gender of the unborn baby. However, we have the technology for it, so if one wishes to know the gender ultimatly it is their decision and their right to know.

Is the ultrasound in any way harmful?

Ultrasounds when looking at the research have shown that they are not in any way harmful because the radio waves sent are not harmful, or have not shown to be.

Should mothers know if their internal baby is ill, consider the possibility that some will terminate the pregnancy?

Some would say yes because if the illness is detrimental, it might be the best alternative. However that goes against others morals and ethics. This also leads to a new question on whether or not, one would try and terminate the pregnancy if it was not the gender they wanted.

Medical technology is constantly developing and bringing new culture along with it however, with new culture comes new social issues and the ultrasound has brought the issue of increasing the gender division


One thought on “Class talk November 18

  1. This is a really fascinating project, Tabitha! The ultrasound has had a profound effect on our relationship to gender, and I think you are right to say that it has really increased our investment in the sex of infants. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this in your final paper.


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