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Generally the articles and the book that I found were about the general discussion of music. The main goal behind this is that to discuss the cultural significance of record players I need to find the significance of what they produce, which is music. This is crucial to examining how everything that I’ve done connects up with the general broad question. My final essay is going to be something to do with the shift between pre CD player and Post CD player. This point is where the record player was no longer one of the most efficient technologies for music replication.

Questions(From Connor Gill)

You may want to look into what competition that record players had, did they have an effect and for how long were they popular?

You mentioned CD players, what makes them better than record players? Size?

Answer 1: Record players had competition. They had the CD player( what killed it), The radio during the 40’s and music boxes before the record player. However the record player was one of the most popular of its time while it was around and popular 1910-1980 about.

Answer 2: Mainly the size and portability of the record player.

Working Thesis: Record players went through a period of dominance when they were popular during the 1910-1980’s for music replication however with the invention of the CD players their value dropped in the minds of many. This shift from the record player to more efficient technologies has caused the cultural impact to change as well.

Thesis Explanation: So I’m not entirely sure on what I think the value system is. I like the idea of comparing between the two distinct time periods. Am I possibly taking on too much for an 8-10 page paper or should I be ok?


One thought on “Discussion Post

  1. How would the very cool urban legends you found about playing records backward fit into this? One of the things you are trying to do is put your finger on the figurative “pulse” of the record player. What is our cultural relationship to record players? What shifts in values and attention led to their temporary fall, and then their current rise? My understanding is that record purchases have been up in the last several years, and are growing stronger. What is our lingering fascination what that technology, even when easier, more portable technologies provide alternatives?


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