Discussion Regarding Sources

When I discussed my sources and the way I would like to use them with my partner, Carter Bennett, I talked about how I was planning on using my sources to highlight the way that computers (essentially robotics) have influenced the economy.  I have sources regarding the way that computers have influenced small business, the workforce in general, the demand for labor, and other areas, because there is no doubt that the computer has made a revolutionary impact on the world. I still have to dive in deeper into my books, which focus on the influences that the computer has had on the way business now records data, but I have several articles which talk about the good and bad benefits about the introduction of computers.

Questions I had for Carter’s research:

  1. How is it that track spikes affect the environment compared to other shoes?
  2. How will you discuss the psychological effects that you were talking about that track spikes have, and what are these psychological effects?

Answer’s to Carter’s Questions:

  1. A common misconception about AI is that Artificial Intelligence is the science of creating a robot or operating system that is capable of having the intelligent capacity equivalent to that of a human being (having thoughts, able to make decisions, able to function on its own without human intervention), like the robots we see in movies like Terminator.  However, robots, at the term’s basic roots, are machines that are able to carry out a series of operations to execute a function on its own without the need for a human to intervene.  Therefore, a computer is a robot, since it has the ability to carry out these functions like comply to user commands to search the web, analyze and process data, furthermore classifying it as a form of Artificial Intelligence.  This is how I will tie the Computer’s impact on the economy into the topic of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Now, for your second question, this is what I aim to explore. There is no doubt at all that computers have made a significant impact in the way society functions, for better or for worse.  But there is evidence that shows that computers and other forms of robotics have positively affected the workforce, such as creating more efficiency in the work place and easiness in tracking and processing data regarding a certain business or businesses.  Moreover, Artificial Intelligence research has opened the door for many companies to become more innovative with their products, heightening consumer demand, and creating more jobs.

Thesis Statement:

Artificial Intelligence research has stimulated a vast amount of economic growth throughout the world with the introduction of machines such as the computer, however, there are many aspects of Artificial Intelligence research that could cause a detrimental affect to society as a whole.

– Omar Finol-Evans


One thought on “Discussion Regarding Sources

  1. Could you redo this and focus on your own research, rather than Carter’s? The idea was you would describe your project in relation to the texts you’ve found, list Carter’s questions for you, answer those questions, and then lead into the working thesis statement. I know you’ve put a lot of thought into your project, so it would help me to see your most recent ideas spelled out before I respond.


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