In Class Discussion and Thesis Statement

By Janae Leach

Joyce, Kelly A. Magnetic Appeal: MRI and the Myth of Transparency. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2008.


This book is my primary source for my essay. The author did seven years worth of research on the MRI. The author discusses how the MRI arose in society, how it is a cultural icon in the medical field, how the MRI impacts economics, and much more.

Questions that were asked about my topic:

  1. For those who are claustrophobic, how are they compensated?
  2. What was used or done before the MRI existed? Is it a lot safer? Or can the radiation create more damage in the long-run?

Working Thesis Statement:

The outrageous cost of an MRI scan and the pollution caused by the ships carrying its various parts are serious detriments. However, it is the most innovative and precise imaging method doctors are able to use. Financial costs and pollution definitely pose serious problems in society, but these issues simply cannot compare to the importance of the MRI. It is too widely used and relied on to discontinue its overall use for patient care.

One thought on “In Class Discussion and Thesis Statement

  1. This is a fascinating project, and I want you to keep pushing at your analysis. For instance, how many people have access to MRIs? I agree that they are incredibly useful, and I don’t think they are bad. But they might illustrate a kind of global class value system. Do the benefits to first-world medical patients somehow make it more ok that people in third world countries might suffer ill effects creating advanced medical technologies? This is a real question, and it isn’t (nor should it be) easy to answer. When you are approaching the question, I want you to keep it firmly in mind in order to add more complexity to your argument, and a more broadly empathetic viewpoint to the conundrum of medical technological progress.


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