Source Reflection

My articles article from project muse was about how people feel and react towards tattoos.  It brings up the stereotypes behind tattoos and how some may react when seeing a tattoo on a professional person.  My JSTOR article talked about teenagers and their view on tattoos and how they may choose to get a tattoo.  These articles help me with the cultural background behind tattoos.  The monologue I found was about tattoos and traditions in South Asia, this could be helpful because it gives me a different perspective from a different culture.


How does society in general feel about tattoos?

Why do you think tattoos must be covered often times in the work place?

How come teenagers are seen as making a mistake when getting a tattoo, but as they get older its not as big of a deal?


Electric tattoo guns have allowed for more access opening up tattoos to the public more freely, this is beneficial because it allows individual expression and the advancement of art.



One thought on “Source Reflection

  1. It might be very useful for you to approach this with two clashing values in mind, and to show how tattoos illustrate the interplay between those value systems. So rather than approaching this as just social progress and the erasure of stigma, it could be really interesting to think through how our culture has begun to embrace personalization– and what are the limits of that embrace? For instance, people who might feel very comfortable around an artistic arm tattoo might feel incredibly uncomfortable around the self-named Lizard Man. Why is one now a fairly comfortable thing to encounter, while the other isn’t?


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