Source Reflection

The book chosen, RFID ESSENTIALS, describes the basic structure of microchips and how they work. The first article, Big Data: Accumulation and Enclosure, about the Obama administration and microchips, emphasizes how people react to the idea of microchips and how they can be used. The other article, Resisting Surveillance: Identity and Implantable Microchips, also focuses on the reaction people have to microchips. The earlier sources can be used to show how pet owners and US citizens reacted to microchips.


If, for part of your remaining research, you are looking at your technology through a materials lense- where do microchips end up?

How recent are these fears of microchips? Was the Obama fear the latest?


One thought on “Source Reflection

  1. Ally, this material looks really useful! Let me ask you something: are the people afraid of microchips the same people who worry about being tracked online, or through their cell phones? Because it would be really interesting if they are different groups– one would be more invested in conspiracy theories, while the other is afraid of the very real ways in which our digital presence is trackable.

    This doesn’t mean you need to drop everything and look into that, but it could help you demarcate and address the specific of these fears.


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