Stage 3 research

Carmen, Rachael A., Amanda E. Guitar, and Haley M. Dillon. “Ultimate Answers to Proximate Questions: The Evolutionary Motivations Behind Tattoos and Body Piercings in Popular Culture.” Review of General Psychology 16.2 (2012): 134-43. ProQuest. 15 Nov. 2016.

This article gave me an idea of some of the fears the our culture has regarding tattoos.  People get tattoos for various reasons.  Some get tattoos because they have lost a loved one and want a permanent reminder of them on their bodies.  Others get tattoos to represent a group they are a member of, for example the military or Olympic athletes.  And then some others do it as a mark of individuality, stating who they are on their skin.  Those that intend to get these types of tattoos want the permanence behind the tattoo.  It is something they want to last forever.  It is tattoos that are impulsive that many people fear or that the tattoo they get they won’t like in ten years.  But the big fear behind tattoos is the permanence of them. This related to my use of the example from the Hangover, the drunken mistake tattoo that the guy got.  Questions this opened up were  where did these fears originate and and why is permanence a big fear?



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