The Future Research 11/18/16

Overall i think that the way I want my paper to go is, using the vacuum as a household appliance to connect to the value of how the community changed in that time period. When the vacuum became very present in everyone’s modern life, the gender roles of the household became even more present. Women were the housekeepers and men where the money makers. Their are images of women getting vacuums for Christmas and their birthdays to advertises to men to get them to buy it for their wives.

-Esha Nath



One thought on “The Future Research 11/18/16

  1. This could be very interesting. I wonder if it might also speak to different social classes, and the shift of what a “household” looks like. For instance, the early works you found on house cleaning were all written for professional housekeepers who usually lived with the family they cleaned for. Separate servants quarters were usually kept on premises. But the vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is advertised to the wife of the household, and she becomes the person who does that work. Have you seen much on the decline of household servants, along with shifting gender roles and expectations?


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