Value Systems: Prosthetics

Value Systems: For prosthetics, I am considering using a system based of bioethics in biomedical research. For example, is it better to continue to pursue creating prosthetics that are controlled through nerve signals and have the ability to convey the sense of touch even though they will never be as advanced as  a healthy human body? The benefits are that people are regaining a minuscule amount of what they used to have: basic movement and senses. However, it is possible that we are creating a sense of false hope in patients: that by spending an exorbitant amount of money on and advanced prosthesis they will feel the same as they did before losing a limb.Or is it better to create prosthetics that are durable, functioning, and long lasting that allow amputees to return to normalcy as soon as possible? The benefit being that the entire process is cheaper and faster, people also have the chance to build up mental strength through rehabilitation. The cons being that amputees will never be the same as they used to be.

Working thesis: As prosthetic technology continues to advance, there comes a point where progress becomes detrimental to the mental rehabilitation following amputation.


One thought on “Value Systems: Prosthetics

  1. Katie, these are fascinating questions. As you point out, the more technically complicated prosthetics also cost a great deal more to maintain, and that they are more likely to become obsolete much more quickly. It creates a fascinating dilemma of what aspects of individuality or society to prioritize. You are onto some interesting issues, here, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you work through them.


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