11-16 In-Class Activity

Description of my Technology: The Air Conditioner is not only an essential house appliance but also a socializing and anti-socializing agent. Our lives have become tremendously cooler becuase of the the Air Conditioner but at what cost? We used to retreat outdoors to escape our hellish temperatures in our homes but now we flock indoors to beat the heat. This means less time at parks, forests, etc. But at the same time, the AC has created life indoors. Back when summer meant a scorching hot house, it would be riicoulious to imagine spending hours inside watching something like a game of football. But now, the summer signals the coming of blockbuster films, the Olympics and other sporting events and much more. These events have proliferated thanks to AC.

A world where AC disappears without warning:

With the AC, we no longer had to worry about heat in our homes. Previous homes were designed with some sort of ventilation in mind, but now that’s no  longer needed due to the AC. AC has also made us forget of other ways to cool oourselves down. But if AC were to suddenly disappear, many people would be unable to combat the heat. We would suffer in our ventilation-less rooms. Classrooms would become unbearable. Kids would not be able to concentrate due to the heat. Their scores with lower until they began dropping out in great numbers. The same would happen with working adults; unable to focus in factories, offices and other workspaces, they would be fired due to bad performance. Now we would have a world full of dropouts and unemployed. Along with that, movies and other indoor activities would become extinct, as if we could still afford them anyway. Countless industries would collapse. The countries used to dealing with hear would bcome the news superpowers of the world.

What if AC never existed?

Ice. Ice is everywhere. Sno cones are the most popular dessert, followed by ice cream. The South is barely populated, and the Civil War was won much more sooner. The Icemaker, ancestor of John Gorrie’s ideas, is owned by every reasonable houesehold. Instead of Time Machines in sci-fi stories it is the Air Conditioner. Antartica has become a very popular tourist destination.Blockbuster films are release during the winter instead of summer, confilicting with the winter release schedule of more “artsy”films, leading to the Oscars being dominated by the big blockbuster franchises.



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