In-class discussion:

Through the manual “Health and Safety Guide for Metal Furniture and Mattress Manufacturers” provided by the Public Health Service, one will be able to utilize the conducts to display the dangers workers are put through every day as well as what the manufacturing business expels into the atmosphere through the products being manufactured as well as the products being used to keep the factory running smoothly.

Another source is an extension bulletin titled “Better Buying: Springs and Mattresses” by Alice Sundquist describes the importance of bed comfort. But because everyone is searching for the greatest possible luxury, companies make hundreds of bed and mattress styles. Although, not everyone needs such specific beds, thus a lot of the products created are wasted and thrown away, hurting the environment further. Companies wish to squeeze as much money out of the consumers as they can.


  1. Based on the second book mentioned, what percent of consumers know this fact and how do they react to it?
  2. Where do mattresses go once they are thrown out?


While sleep is an important aspect to a healthy mind, the manufacturing of mattresses are starting to go overboard. There does not need to be such a grand variety of latex rectangles when a large majority of these single consumer target beds are adding more pollution to the atmosphere than necessary.


-Racheal Cortner

One thought on “Discussion

  1. Rachel, this sounds like a very good beginning. I think it makes sense to push at the concept of “comfort” even more rigorously as your point of reference. As you say, mattresses are meant for comfort, but their process of manufacturing is anything but “comfortable” for the environment. Interrogating the different ways that mattresses cause discomfort could be a fascinating project.

    Be sure, too, that you are finding popular references for your analysis. As I said in class, we aren’t experts on the environment or manufacturing, but we can make original connections between expert voices and culture. Did you happen to come across the urban legends of the corpse in/under the hotel mattress? It was a common story that was passed around as though it were true for a long time. It even showed up in the a section of the film “Four Rooms,” where every section takes place in a different hotel room. It’s a comedy, so while it’s gross you don’t have to worry about a scare factor. But if you watch it and read various version of the story, what might that help you say about our social discomfort with mattresses? That, and of course the very gross myth that mattresses are doubling in weight from dead mites? These ideas are truly horrific! And yet while they are wrong, people keep circulating them. Why?


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