Essay Outline

My plan so far is to look at Air Condition’s impact on our social and working lives and what has changed/what we have given up to be where we are now. I have a found a study on the air conditioner’s effect on people’s circadian rhythms, and I plan on using this info (if useful)  to see different aspects of life and how they are affect various ways of life, such as a working adult or a teen in high school who participates in sports. It is very easy to not look beyond the basic functions of AC and not see how it has changed our everyday lives, so  that’s why I wanna see if there is any sort of connection between the release of the AC and the rise of television, movies and other forms of entertainment.


One thought on “Essay Outline

  1. Adolfo, that could be very interesting, to focus on the air conditioner as something that encourages people to stay inside with solitary pursuits, rather than to be outside in public spaces or community events. If you approach is as both thinking about how air conditioners have changed the actual spaces of our lives, and what we do inside those spaces, you’ll have a lot of fascinating material to teach your readers about.


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