In Class 11/18 Value System

The technology that I plan to research into the depths of our waste is the trash bag. The articles and books that I found range from the environment, the economy, and the methods of disposal. My current book that I posses is all about the disposal cycle, ignoring the step on how the waste gets into the house. Not only the disposal system but also how they dispose of the waste is important to my topic. The economic system of the waste management system primarily lies on top of a flat fee system. Many new cities and counties are transitioning from the flat fee system to a system where you pay per bag. This system will force people to recycle and compost more because they will be unwilling to pay. The main value system that I will be assessing about the garbage bag is the environmental impact of the garbage bag. For example, the difference between decomposable trash bags to non decomposable. There are also trash bags that can be used for compost that are made of corn or potatoes, other trash bags are also made from recycled materials also allowing the trash bag itself be recyclable. I will be comparing the environmental impact with the value system that relates to ease. The trash bag allows easy disposal methods which could be a reason why people waste so much.

The value system of environmental waste is huge. A downside to the trash bag is the length of time the bag itself takes to break down. This sometimes allows people to hide objects, such as bodies in them. Cultural horror stories are good examples of people understanding and taking advantage of the decomposition rate of the trash bag by putting bodies inside of them.


The trash bag is an item that is commonly overlooked and taken for granted, but it is a vital and easy way for someone to dispose of their waste, in return ignoring what they are doing to the environment with the easy access to waste disposal.


What have trash bag companies done in order to try and limit the amount of waste being put into landfills?


Are there different types of garbage bags that they are making to be more environmentally friendly?


Maybe compostable bags or recyclable ones?


Are there studies on how trash bags break down?


One thought on “In Class 11/18 Value System

  1. This is a good start, Mantz. I wonder if it might help you to investigate the cultural values that motivate the sale of trash bags. So what kind of understanding of our place in the world do trash bags reflect? Compare, for instance, American trash systems to this town in Japan: What do you think prevents Americans from doing the same thing? So rather than coming in with a value system that you are applying, see whether you can figure out which value systems are already at play.

    It might help, too, to read up a little bit on for-profit trash systems. Myra Hird has done a lot of interesting work on trash, and I think her most recent publications would be really useful to you. This NPR story might also be of interest:


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