Class Writing 11-16-16

Describe the technology accurately but not as people would usually hear it.

  • Engines: They are full of nuts, bolts, wires, plates, and discs. Some are heavy and others not so much. The fuel that keeps them running will differ, but they are all able to pull their own weight. Their joints are essential in order to function, but may need a total replacement from time to time.


If your technology got so big that we rely on it so much, how does it destroy the world?

  • First of all, emissions are a big part of an engine. Global warming is real, and the fuel emissions from engines are not helping to slow it down. We are so dependent on cars and almost obsessed with making the engines louder, faster, stronger, etc. What kind of repercussions come with these alterations? Removing or changing mufflers, using fuel injection, or changing the engine to eject black smoke from the exhaust all


If we wake up tomorrow and the technology is gone, how does it affect our society?

  • People would freak out and nobody would know what to do. With no form of the engine, we would have to go back to square one when horses were the main mode of transportation. This would be a disaster. After all, could you see a bunch of gangs going on rampages throughout the cities on horseback? Death rates would skyrocket, because so many people would do something stupid and get killed by their horse. Also, people would need to rethink ways of transporting goods and products to their destinations.


The technology wasn’t invented what would the world be like?

  • If the engine had never been invented, people would be late to everything. Think about it, if you had to walk everywhere, would you really feel up to it?
  • If the engine had never been invented, there would be no paved roads. Horses and buggies would be everywhere, and people would be a lot happier. Death rates would be low, because nobody is going around jumping into oncoming traffic or getting into car accidents.

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