Class Writing 11-9-16

  1. Progress: Synthetic Oil
    1. Synthetic oil has been making advances in recent years. Using synthetic oil in an engine enables it to run longer before you need to change the oil. This helps save the consumer both time and money.
  2. Progress: Computer Controlled
    1. This enables the engine to run smoother. The computer can also help regulate the timing of the certain functions that are involved in starting and running the engine. It can also be hooked up to a device if it is malfunctioning and the device can tell you what is wrong or what needs to be replaced in the engine.
  3. No Progress: Oil
    1. There has been a big controversy regarding fracking for crude oil. The continued and increased use of oil in engines ensures that fracking will not be stopped or slowed down. This process could seriously impact our environment and forever contaminate our drinking water if an alternative is not found.
  4. No Progress: The Use of Steel and Aluminum
    1. Using these materials comes at a cost. These materials come from all around the world, and many different types of people are required to mine them. There are many places where workers who mine the materials are unpaid or underpaid so they have no choice but to keep working.


With choices comes controversy and difficult decisions. It is basically impossible to choose between whether the use of metals or oil is better. Depending on the person, they could value our environment more than the lives of people they don’t know and vice versa. With the use of metals, there is always the use of oil to make the metal parts run smoothly. Without the oil, the metal would be inefficient and basically useless. Although, without the metal, there would be no point in using the oil. Therefore, we must ask ourselves whether it would be worth it to cut back on our consumption of both of these materials in order to help everyone involved.

With my topic, there are many fascinating parts that are involved. Personally, I was always taken with how many different parts come together in order to make an engine run. When we are in a car, we never think of the different functions and actions that are being carried out while we start and drive the car. There are numerous parts of an engine that are both small and large that are essential for it to function. For example, without a wrist pin, the pistons would not be able to move because they would not be connected to the connecting rod. This hinders the pistons ability to create compression and turn over the engine. Without these actions, it is impossible for an engine to run at all. I love thinking about the little things, and it is no different with engines. When there is a problem with my car, I love to try to find it and my dad and I fix it together.


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