Phase 1 Sources

Says, Faraji Sulemn, Solaris Citizen Says, Solaris Says, Jefferey Says, Shania Says, and Streaming Says. “127 Years of Modern Automobile Evolution.” World Mysteries Blog. World Mysteries, 06 Mar. 2016. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.

  • This source illustrates how the styles of cars have changed over the past decades. On top of that, it tells the reader about the history of the automobile and how it’s popularity grew. The article began with how and where the first automobiles used as well as what type of engines were used. 1886 has been called “the year of birth of the modern automobile”, although automobiles can be tracked all the way back to 1769. The pictures that went along with the article showed the different body styles of automobiles and how they started out looking very similar to wagons and buggies. Eventually, the body style changed and started to look like the cars we use today. Going along with the “style” aspect of the article, it also informed the readers of the popular automobile styles during different eras. For example, in the “Vintage Era,” cars with engines in the front became popular. These cars had closed bodies and standard controls. In the “Pre-World War II Era,” cars that were completely enclosed became the most popular. They also often had trunks or some sort of storage compartment. The article outlines five different eras starting from 1905 through the current year. This particular source doesn’t align much with the other works I have read, because it basically outlines the history of the automobile and shows how the look of some models have changed. Some follow-up questions this source gives me are: What inspired the changes in body style? How much has popular culture influenced how the cars look and what they sound like?

Sorensen, Lorin. The American Ford: From the Fordiana Series. St. Helena, CA: Silverado Publishing, 1975. Print.

  • This source begins with the story of Henry Ford and his childhood, and went through his life story and the story of his company. He was born on July 30, 1863 in Wayne County, Michigan. He was a farmer, but took a special interest in mechanics. He eventually worked his way up to forming the Ford Motor Company. Money was tight for Ford, so he went to an old friend who helped fund him and they formed a limited partnership. In July of 1903, Ford Motor Company’s first automobile was sold for $850 to Dr. E. Pfenning from Chicago. During the next three months in business, Ford Motor Company would go on to make $36,957 in profits from the “Model A.” The book goes through the year 1948. By this time, the “Model T” had become very popular, and Ford’s company was extremely successful throughout the country. This source aligns with the source, “127 Years of Modern Automobile Evolution” in the sense that they both illustrate the changes made to automobiles over a specific period of time. Granted, they focused on different brands of automobiles, but the styles of automobiles they focused on remained similar. After reading this source, some follow-up questions are: How did the evolution of the engine affect the evolution of the Ford models? What influenced Henry Ford’s drive to create and modify the engines and body styles of the automobiles?

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