Annotated Bibliography Part 1

@danieljevon. “FALSE: Cell Phone Use at Night Causes Eye Cancer.” Snopes. Snopes, 08 Oct. 2016. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.                                                                                               This article published on the popular fact checking website Snopes explains how a reported case of cell phone use at night causing cancer is false. This article displays the lack of credibility in the report and the credibility in the argument against it. In citing the American Cancer Society this article displays the contradiction between the views of experts and miscellaneous internet posts.

This source is rather succinct and although it provides good material is not necessarily the best in terms of reader understanding.  It has one goal, which is to prove or disprove the subject at hand and the article does not go down any interesting side paths. This writing focused around a yes/no answer and that makes it useful as data but nothing more.

This is useful for this paper because it denies one of the urban legends that have arose around cell phones. This will fit in well in the stage three cultural writing section of this paper. It properly demonstrates the emotional response that was generated towards the strange new technology that cell phones were at the time.

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