In Class Free Write 11/9

In Class Free Write

Brittney Williams

Professor Benedict

English 298

9 November 2016

In Class Free Write

1) Medical Impact: 3D printing has allowed scientists to produce tissue-like material for reconstructive surgery and they are on their way to printing organs for transplants, revolutionizing the surgical field.

2) Production: The 3D Printer has made production of simple objects much easier and much more affordable. Companies are able to 3D print small parts in order to compose their technology without having to pay workers to do it.

Opposite of Progress

1) Environmentalism: 3D printing has eased the ability of companies to produce plastic components, potentially posing a risk to the environment, as plastic never fully breaks down.

2) Replacing workers with technology: Because of the 3D printer’s ability to produce components of technology, many people may find their jobs replaced by the 3D printer. Although this is just a hypothesis, if it is true, it may pose a real threat to the availability of jobs.


Production and environmentalism often come hand in hand. With increased production, technologies often risk imposing on environmentalism. This is a common theme among not just 3D printers, but almost all developments. For example, the car revolutionized transport; however, its emissions threatened the global ecosystem. In order to fix this problem, researchers developed an electric car. Similarly to this, 3D printers commonly use plastic as their main component, whether this is in their construction or the product that they are forming. In order to combat the environmental threat of an increased amount of non-degradable components, researchers have begun work on new materials to use instead. This comes in the form of ________, a material made of wood pulp. Although the worry for environmental impacts should not hinder discovery and production, it should definitely be considered as an important factor.


The most compelling factor of 3D printing is its ability to use a large range of materials to complete the task it is assigned. From plastic, to metal, to tissue-like material, it has such a broad ability to create. It has revolutionized not only production of technological components, but also the field of surgery as a whole. It has had such a large effect on so many different aspects of human life that are still bring discovered. Even today, researchers are working on its ability to produce a living organ in order to remove the necessity of organ donation.


3D printed rhino horn


original responses to 3D printers




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