Thesis, Questions, and Sources



The monograph I am going to be using is a book titled eBooks in Education: Realizing the Vision. This book talks about some of the major benefits that have rose up from the production of eBooks. I will be able to explore the ideas it uses and put this to work in my essay because I will be able to understand more the impact that these eBooks have on the everyday life of students. Not only will provide more if an insight into the benefits of this technology, but it will also create a pathway for how eBooks may be replacing regular, paperback books.

One of the scholarly articles I am going to be using is an article titled Hand Printing is Dying. This article was published in the year of 1984 and was right around the time when computer printing started to become more popular and even typewriters were beginning to disappear. Here I can begin to understand the emotions that arose from this point in time and also explore the economic standpoints of printers and other writing devices.

A third article that I am going to be using is called The Double Invention of Printing. This explores the invention of printed press and paper printing but also reveals what this lead to in society and how it opened up more than just one door. I can use this article by taking these ideas and explaining how printing has changed the world as a whole. It opened up more than just “writing words down on paper” and I would like to open up those ideas more.


What are some of the economic effects of eBooks towards libraries and bookstores?

Why are people leaning more towards eBooks rather than libraries?

Are there studies of what people enjoy reading more?

What are the effects on libraries of people moving more towards eBooks?


Modern methods of printing are greatly affecting the cultural, emotional, environmental, and economical values that are accompanied with traditional methods of printed press.


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