AB Part 3

@snopes. “Static and Refueling Fires.” Snopes. Snopes, 30 Mar. 2011. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.
This article displays the lack of correlation between cell phones and refueling fires. Of the sources that mentioned refueling fires, none reported cases of cell phones causing them. Static electricity was generally the culprit. Despite a remarkable lack of evidence there are still signs at gas stations warning against cell phones.

This article was well written and used many strong sources to prove its point. The article used a form where it dissected the questionable claim and approved or disproved each part of it. This article is probably the strongest of the three Snopes articles.

This article can be used to display how in culture fears and coincidence can be changed into falsehood due to fear. This uses the same logic of witch trials, the lady exists, bad things happen, clearly it is the lady’s fault. Except in this case the witch is cell phones and the bad things are gasoline explosions. I am confident this source will be useful in the paper.


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