Author Tone Workshop

The author of the article on egg refrigeration puts humor into the topic that would otherwise have been absent. Before getting into expert opinions the author attempts to connect with the reader by creating a scenario where both would be confused. After using humor to introduce the topic then the author takes a step back and brings in statements from experts. It’s hard to get a sense of tone within such a short article but the humor from the author is present.

The writing about the spoon allows for the author’s voice to be heard much more clearly. The in depth description and the anecdote give off the somewhat strange impression that the author is quite passionate about wooden spoons. Going through the history of the spoon allows the author to further state their opinion. Compared to the egg article, this one uses much less quotes. While it does reference experts the author restates their words in his own way. THis opens up a lot of opportunity for a more unique writing.




The central building block of civilization is communication. The development of language allowed for complex societal structures to develop and spread throughout the world. In the past, information could only be spread in person. Eventually written languages developed and later still, the ability to print became widespread. In the modern day, the internet is revolutionizing the spread of information. Making it possible for individuals to make their voice heard around the world. A century ago, the technology that was dramatically changing communication was the radio. Instead of relying on newspapers or complex telegraph infrastructure people could tune in to radio stations miles away and learn or be entertained in real time. At its core, radio technology allows the world to be more connected; both among individuals and cultures.

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