Revised Introduction

Should they choose the fun little sports car with a V8 manual engine or the economically friendly smart car? As cars keep advancing, there will be more to choose from. For decades, cars and their technological advancements have been a part of everyday life. People use them for everything. From going to the store to traveling across the country, cars have become deeply rooted in our culture to the point where we are unable to imagine life without them. This new reality of combining different engine modifications and new car body styles is no longer just about functionality. It seems that now if the engine doesn’t sound cool or the car doesn’t look expensive, nobody has the desire to buy it. The resources needed when owning a car is much more than before they became a normal part of life. The most essential part of every car is its engine. Each engine has many parts and needs to be taken care of in order to run properly. Though cars are essential to modern lifestyles, there have been increasing problems with emissions and how they affect the environment.


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