Style and Tone Paragraphs

In the article, “Why the U.S. Chills Its Eggs and Most of the World Doesn’t,” the author brings a good bit of personality into the writing by asking questions. Also, the author uses metaphors we don’t normally see such as referring to humans as, “oddballs.” That is a good way of keeping the article casual and interesting, but still formal enough where we can follow the story and understand the information we are reading. While the article takes a more casual tone, the author still maintains credibility by referencing the sources. I would like to incorporate questions into my paper.

In the chapter about wooden spoons, the author wrote in a more formal tone. While the tone stayed formal, there were some parts where the author added some personality to the writing. For example, when the word “we” is used, it, in a way to interact with the audience. On top of that, throughout the chapter, the author used a lot of descriptions. This helps the readers imagine different scenes while they are reading, which keeps them interested. This type of writing style and tone helps the argument stay valid while keeping the readers engaged. Using this style of writing, I would like to incorporate using “we” into my paper in order to keep the audience engaged while reading.


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