Tone and Style Essay Reflection

One thing I found very intriguing about both articles was the hook. In the essay “Why the U.S. Chills Its Eggs and Most of the World Doesn’t”, the author starts off with a very strong hook that quickly draws you in. By making a statement that we would see as strange and odd it makes us interested to continue reading. The author does a good job by drawing on comparisons to help the reader draw closer to the subject and make their own connections. The author uses words to compare ourselves to others and make us feel as though our use of technology is unnecessary. By doing this the author is able to push the reader into thinking that we use technology that is not always necessary, and therefore agree with their argument.

In the second article the author has a good hook by using not the technology itself, but something that the technology produces. The author does a good job in developing trust in what technology creates because it comes from tradition. People often like tradition and do not like change therefore, it is easier for the reader to make that connection and trust. The author uses a style to make connections to things that are often easily over looked. This draws the reader closer into what it takes to create and therefore, shows how the culture of this technology is already accepted whether they know it or not.


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