Tone and Style reflection

The two papers both had unique tones and ways of talking to the reader which were engaging and interesting. I certainly enjoyed the paper about the wooden spoon and other kitchen technologies. Despite not really knowing the author’s stance on the issue, which was only partially clear at the end of the introduction, I still was entertained and felt more knowledgeable about the topic. The personal anecdotes about the author’s breakfast and other instances where they used or didn’t use the technologies he/she is describing. I don’t know if it was through a certain style of writing, but I defiantly felt that this author was a male. Anyway, I also really liked how the author used words like: consider the…, which allows the reader to feel that they are thinking about the topic along with the author while they are reading. Also by using words like I and you, the author makes the argument feel much more personal, accessible, and engaging to the reader. This is usually something teachers warn against doing because it can make the paper seem informal, but this author was clearly going for a much more friendly book that could be read by an array of different audience members and it works. Finally, the statistics and historical examples, which can often be BORING were woven in with enough of the author’s own style that they felt like they belonged and really added support for the argument.

As for the report about eggs, it was not a bad paper, but in comparison to the first one, this paper seemed to be lacking a large amount of tone and style. The majority of the report was quotes from other sources with little commentary from the writer. I did enjoy the introduction which began right off the bat with “go in search of eggs..” This immediately urges the reader to jump into where the author is coming from and makes the reader feel taken on a journey when they use rhetorical questions and other adjectives to describe the reaction the reader or others might have to the topic. This makes the reader feel like they are qualified to read this paper and are welcomed into thinking about the world of eggs. I do feel smarter about eggs after reading this report, and because this is such a pertinent topic to many people, the facts and statistics were interesting.


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