AB Part 4

Acaroglu, Leyla. “Where Do Old Cellphones Go To Die.” The New York Times. NYTimes, 4 May 2013. Web.
This source shows the fate of electronics after their use, and illuminates the fate of the people who have been dealt the job of dealing with them. It contains valuable statistics and vivid imagery describing the recycling process for all sorts of electronics.

This source is rather negative and is certainly coming from a humanitarian view. This is notably an opinion piece, however it appears that the data it uses is not flawed. This is a short article and not the most valuable source in the world in terms of synthesis but it has valuable data.

I believe that the description of the recycling process will be a strong capstone to the stage 2 section of the paper. It should be effective at tying the previous two paragraphs together and fully eliciting pathos from the reader. The opinionated nature of this paper should provide a tasteful variety from the other data laden sources

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