Analyzing Writings on Tech and Culture

The tones in both articles were kept light and conversational. In both, there was a constant reference to “we”, addressing Americans as a whole. The styles are slightly informal in the sense that the audience is directly addressed and the language is easy to understand due to the humor that is conveyed through the way each author conversed about their technology. The article about kitchen gadgets was critical throughout the whole article by continuously making comments about how things are bound to change and how it’s not really going to affect anything. The articles were appealing because they shared the information in a way that was relatable and easy to understand.

The methods used to evaluate the links between the technology and culture were very well explained in how the technology was specific to certain cultures whether it was places like the United States that want aesthetic eggs, or the life changing experience of new kitchen gadgets. The egg article quotes credible sources to emphasize how clean, refrigerated eggs is not as common of a practice as one might think – especially if raised is a place where it is the standard.The kitchen gadget article begins by observing that a wooden spoon is not typically seen as a technology, so then the author proceeds to define what technology means and delving into their topic. This way, they were able to make a clear connection between their desired technology, kitchenware, and the culture that has been created around buying new things for the kitchen.


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