In-Class Free Write Nov. 16

Describe the technology accurately, but not as people would usually hear it.

This technology is a method of combating sickness caused by bacteria. In order to do this, we consume or inject a fungus or mold that will somehow only affect the bacteria in our bodies and nothing else. It has greatly increased the durability of mankind, but because it makes bacteria stronger, it will also damage mankind in the long run.

If your technology got so big that we rely on it so much, how does it destroy the world?

Antibiotics are used on a daily basis worldwide in the medical industry and agriculture. Our continued use of antibiotics has made bacteria stronger and stronger, and eventually they will outpace our strongest antibiotics. Humanity will become as vulnerable to disease as it once was before the discovery of antibiotics and our society may never be able to recover.

If we wake up tomorrow and the technology is gone, how does it affect our society?

If antibiotics one day disappeared from earth, mankind will be severely affected, but might be able to recover. One way that our world could end would be through the loss of our crops and livestock, as these rely heavily upon antibiotics to protect them from diseases. Without them, our society may descend into chaos and conflict as we fight over scraps.

If the technology wasn’t invented, what would the world be like?

If our society never invented antibiotics, besides the higher fatalities from surgeries and disease, nothing much would change. Our society will adapt and become more hygienic or develop better natural resistances to disease. Also, our governments will be much better at locating and containing big disease outbreaks before they gain too much traction. Overall, just be more careful when playing outside.

-Connor Hill


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