Introductions Anaylsis and Revised Introduction Paragraph


I noticed that the egg article gathered reader interest by pointing out a major difference in the treatment in eggs between countries, then blew off the difference as its was based on differing cultural ideas. I felt that this was a fairly interesting way to gather interest; as humans are social creatures, they always are trying to understand other people. By breaking down the difference to simply being a variance in cultural norms rather than a scientific difference, the author helped the readers learn something new, while also maintaining interest from the starting sentence by immediately contrasting different ideas.

In the spoon article, I noticed that the author broke down their argument from an interesting starting question into the basic foundation of its purpose and creation, then expanding into applying the foundation principles into her argument. I found that the author’s breaking down of her ideas into their basic principles and then using those principles to draw conclusions was effective as it gave credibility to their argument, while also giving the reader an understandable view to persuade them. As the explanation was broken down yet still relevant, it personally appealed to me as the reading was understandable, yet still relevant at the same time.

In my paper, I would like to try to break down my technology in the introduction paragraph and compare it to other objects that would be relevant to my audience. By breaking down what a muscle car is immediately, I am first explaining what my technology is, and secondly emphasize what makes a muscle car unique compared to similar vehicles. I fell that by breaking down the muscle car immediately in my paper, I would be basing my argument from the start in basic concepts, while also connecting my artifact to other comparable artifacts.

Revised Introduction:


Upon moving into the White House in 1992, former President Bill Clinton said that his 1967 Ford Mustang “was the thing that I most regretted leaving behind”(Jehl). Although many people see muscle cars as masterpieces, some are puzzled as a muscle car is almost never the best available car by any metric. One wouldn’t be hard pressed to find a larger engined car in a Porsche, more seats in a Grand Caravan,  more luxury in a Corvette, or more usable in a F-150. However, regardless of its capabilities, the muscle car has become a prized part of Americana for many Americans, paraded for its potential for modification, large engine, and availability to the common man. Through its roots in Prohibition and growth from a niche market, the muscle car has been around for the better part of a century, becoming an integral part of American culture along the way. Through its inclusion in culture and portrayal as a rebellious and mostly masculine symbol, the muscle car not only represents the ideal American image of cars but also has become a symbol of American pride and reverence.



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