Intro’s to Technology Paper

Old Intro Paragraph

Switching from film to digital was an amazing jump in not only what photographers could do, but also how they can affect others. From the mining of the raw materials, to the people using their camera to snap a quick photograph, the digital camera creates situations which invade the rights of users, producers, and even those not intentionally involved. While the photograph quality may have improved as cameras transitioned from film to digital, the new photography method creates adverse effects with the possibilities it creates.

New Intro Paragraph 

Imagine having to pose for a picture for eight straight hours in front of a windowsill, and the only reward is a single dim, fuzzy photograph. Most people have aching cheeks and tears streaming down their face just minutes into the chaotic photography session at the family reunion. While the world’s first photograph, taken by the camera obscure in 1826 (The camera) took a painfully long time, digital cameras today allow us to take hundreds of photos in just minutes. Digital cameras provide a much more comfortable photography experience, but the simultaneous rise of the internet and the increasing popularity of the digital camera created numerous adverse possibilities. Social media platforms, instant uploading, and easy sharing can produce situations that invade the rights of those who use and produce digital cameras. From the unfair hours and working conditions of those who produce the materials that make up the camera itself, to the unsuspecting teen who uses the digital camera to send a dirty picture to her boyfriend, who then shares it with all of his friends, the digital camera and its manufacturing process allow people to infringe on the rights of others without hardly anyone noticing. Maybe grandma has the right idea after all when she refuses to use this new digital technology.


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