Revised Intro

While sitting in a tattoo parlor awaiting your much desired tattoo one may get a little nervous.  The artist has drawn on the design and cleaned the skin and has now powered on the gun.  You hear the vibrating of the needle and your heartbeat quickens.  You wait in anticipation for the pain that will lead to the now permanent mark on your body.  Whether you are doing this in remembrance of a lost friend, or a symbol of a group, or for self expression, getting a tattoo can be scary.  It the permanence of a tattoo that scares people.  You always hear about the drunk mistake someone made who got a bad tattoo.  Or the young teen who is feeling rebellious and gets a tattoo.  Since 1929 the accessibility to tattoos has greatly increased, the electric tattoo gun was invented and lead to a fast more precise tattoo process.  Whether this is good or bad requires us to look into many aspects of the tattoo gun and how it has affected our culture.   


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