Tone Analysis and Intro Paragraph

The common thing between both articles is that they both share a light humorous tone. But the article about Egg refrigeration differs in that it is a much straight-to-the-point article than the Wooden spoon article. “Introduction” makes itself easy to read by embracing a humorous tone about the article overall; The article starts off by accepting that a wooden spoon is in fact the opposite of what many think of as “technology” but it then describes the many uses and experiences associated with a wooden spoon in order to engage a reader fully. Once a reader can fully relate to the familiar tone the author has set,  the author can easily argue his/her point.

Original Intro:

Imagining a world without the technology of air conditioning paints the picture of a world drastically different from the one we live in today. A world without AC would be more than just a world with stuffy bedrooms. Apart from the obvious rise in ice consumption, we would lack integral parts of today’s world such as advanced computer mechanics or forms of media such as movie theaters. Areas with hot climates such as the United State’s Sun Belt would be much less populated. But at the same time, the great energy consumption of air conditioners would no longer be a problem in such a world. We are oblivious to what we have given up in favor for air conditioning. But at the same time, we often take for granted what air conditioning has done to improve our lives. Like any technology, air conditioning has had many challenges regarding its implementations and growing use, but it has shaped our world for the better.

Revised Intro:

When thinking of the most impactful invention of the last hundred or so years, many think of the Internet, Radio, Television and more. We seem to forget the one piece of technology that without we may have not been able to create those others: Air conditioning. Is this because air conditioning just exists when we’re feeling too hot or too cold? Or is it because air conditioning isn’t in fact the revolutionary technology many claim it to be but is instead a massive danger in our lives that will leave us with an inevitable energy crisis and scorched planet? Air conditioners have done much to benefit our world, from helping create the computer industry to saving countless lives, but air conditioners have also done much to damage our world, from disrupting the economies of developing nation to damaging the ozone layer. While what the  air conditioner has done may bring fear to some, it is important to remember that without it, we would be in a much worse place.


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