AB Part 5

Beranuy, M., Oberst, U., Carbonell, X., & Chamarro, A. (2009). Problematic Internet and mobile phone use and clinical symptoms in college students: The role of emotional intelligence. Computers in Human Behavior 25, 1182-1187.
This is a research project done by no fewer than four credible researchers. This is a valuable professional work that demonstrates the connection between psychological distress and cell phones. 365 students from a Spanish university were asked to respond to several different “scales”. These students were chosen from four different majors to guarantee am accurate response.

This source implemented multiple methods into the synthesis of their data which makes it especially reliable. There were several people who worked on it and it was successfully published. This is a strong source that a fair amount of people put a lot of work into.

As for implementation into the paper this source is great. It can function as either a main data point for a paragraph or a supporting piece of data for an idea that has already been brought up. I think it could be used best as supporting piece of data since it has already been highly synthesized by the researchers.


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