AB Part 6

By Amnesty International, 19 January 2016, Index Number: AFR 62/3183/2016. “Document.” THIS IS WHAT WE DIE FOR. Amnesty International, n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.
This source is a report by an international organization called Amnesty International. It outlines the resource costs of cell phones on third world populations. It describes the economic, environmental, and ethical concerns over the harvesting and refining of resources. It explains the reason and means of exploitation and the often lethal effects of it.

This is an expository article showing the lowest common factor of most technology. Resource refinement is not a pleasant or safe job and third world peoples are often delegated to collecting them. The ethical concerns regarding this are raised many times throughout this paper and it is unlikely to be unbiased.

Overall this source is very valuable due to its credibility, length, and vivid imagery. This will very likely illicit emotions of one kind or another and draw the reader into the story. It will likely be incorporated into a main paragraph for stage 2 due to its length and value.


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