AB Part 8

Katz, J. (Ed.) (2008). Handbook of mobile communication. Cambridge (MA): MIT Press.
This source talks about the cultural, family, and interpersonal consequences of cell phones. It investigates social media, communication strategies, and how traditional communication has been changed with the advent of cell phones. This source attempts to measure the extent that cell phones have encompassed our lives and whether this is a good thing or not.

This monograph appears to be written by a professional who clearly knew what they were talking about. This book has positive reviews although it’s qualitative nature seems to have surprised some readers who expected it to be more quantitative.

This source is incredibly relevant to this paper and will absolutely be used. This source demonstrates the importance of this paper to society and the world at large. This research paper is not covering a niche topic and this source will make that fact clear. It is important the readers know exactly how much this subject matter covers.


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