AB Part 9

Medhurst, Martin J., Alberto González, and Tarla Rai. Peterson. Communication & the Culture of Technology. Pullman, WA: Washington State UP, 1990. Print.
This edited anthology discussed both communication and the emerging culture of technology. It had a parts for each as each of the writers wrote to their strengths and expertise. It appears that psychologists or someone in that sort of field wrote the communication part and it was rather clear an engineer of some kind wrote the technology part and incorporated culture as a second thought.

This book is not without its flaws, The “Culture of Technology” part was very clearly technology more than culture, and the communication part did not have cell phones as a focus. However the two complementary parts came together nicely to give the reader a broader understanding than they would have achieved via a normal single viewpoint text.

This will be implemented, likely in the practical section of the paper. It is desirable to have a edited anthology as well as a source published from this college. The unique viewpoints offered by the authors make it an interesting source and good opener for the essay.


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