AB Last Part

Tenner, E. (1996). Why things bite back: Technology and the revenge of unintended consequences. New York: Vintage Books
The author’s aptly coined term, “revenge effects” describes this source quite well. It looks at chemical, biological, and mechanical technology and describes why progress is an Alice in Wonderland type scenario. It describes dozens of technologies and their dark sides, taking the negative effects and holding them on a platter.

This source is rather negative and may have gloom inducing effects on its readers, but it makes valid points and is relevant to the topic at hand. This is certainly a realist with a straightforward attitude and problems they want fixed. Despite this sort of aggressive writing they certainly appear to know what they are talking about and are a trustworthy source.

This will likely be incorporated in reference to cell phones in culture to add perspective to the popular view of cell phones. This is certainly not my favorite source, but it is respectable and will be incorporated, even if in a less important position.


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