Edited Sentences

Edited Sentences: (some were part of the works cited page and quotes)


Says/states = 0

-ism = 1

-ize = 2

-ity = 7

“this” = 10

-tion = 22

“it” = 24

“that” = 31

“is” = 44

-ly = 45


  • “this”
    • Although not all beds are made in this such a fashion…
  • -tion
    • Processing studied material will also not processes information cannot be performed correctly when robbed of without the proper amount of rest.
    • Although a bed serves mainly  one function primarily performs one role
    • …some corporations firms have turned to slave labor…
  • “it”
    • …all the information it received throughout the day.
    • While it is quite easy to create, buy, and consume a product creating, buying, and consuming a product is easy
    • Although it fully depends how the user feels while sleeping on their mattress matters greatly
    • as one heads off to bed it is due to the dark…
    • Although it the fairytale has been modified with variations overtime…
  • “that”
    • Without a mattress that one is comfortable on comfortable mattress
    • Thus, it shows that humans as a whole are continuously becoming smarter…
  • “is”
    • Without correct sleep, the brain is not able to cannot expand and covert…
    • …dark making one’s and vision is quite poor.
    • A specific, recyclable protein that is recycled is called the amyloid plaque which accumulates outside nerve cells…
    • If she is to feel feels the small, spherical legume
  • -ly
    • …by way of materials becoming increasinly ever more available.
    • …modified to fit almost exactly like a dream
    • …beds are usually recommended to be replaced after about seven years of use.

-Racheal Cortner

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